Furbo Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

Furbo Dog Camera Treat Dispenser


Oh my! What will they think of next?! A dog camera is the best way to keep track of your pet’s misbehavior while mommy is away at work or on vacation. Nothing can slip under your nose, especially with the Furbo Dog Camera AND it can toss out a treat for you remotely.

Let’s back up here for a moment. Let’s say you’re at work and you’re all caught up and have nothing to do. Your mind starts wandering and thinking about joining your dog on the bed for a nice cozy nap. If only you could pick up the phone and text him. First of all, he has no opposing thumbs in which to operate an electronic device. Secondly, he doesn’t have a phone. He’s a dog. duh

Alright, switch gears now and you’re wondering what he’s doing while you’re away. You don’t want to wait until you get home to find out he’s gotten into the trash again. Or pulled out all of your toilet paper from the roll and went running down the hallway. If only I had an extra pair of eyes in which to watch him get into all of this mischief, and an intercom to yell at him to get him to stop.

Well ladies and gentlemen, there is a solution for all of you control freaks who want to watch your dog’s every move and speak to him like a voice from beyond the grave! Introducing, the Furbo Dog Camera! It’s a camera, it’s an intercom, AND a treat dispenser! Wow, triple threat doggie necessity! You can’t imagine how you’ve lived your life up until this moment without this amazing gadget!

The Furbo Dog Camera is a treat tossing, full HD Wifi Pet Camera WITH two way audio capability. You operate the device through a free app (for iOS or Android) and you can tune in to what’s going on at home with Fido. The 2 way audio capability enables you to listen in on his activities, and if he is barking unnecessarily, you can use the 2 way feature to calm him down by soothing him with that familiar voice he loves and trusts so much. The app even comes with a sensor that sends a push notification when he is barking so you can nip that in the bud and discourage bad behavior even when you’re at work on the clock, on vacation away from home, or serving in the military and can’t be home to be with your beloved pet.

Let’s say you are away from home and you want to check in on your pup. This 1080p camera comes complete with night vision, livestream video to monitor your pet with a 160 degree wide angle view, both day and night.

You can fill the canister with about 100 of his favorite treats (depending on the size of course) and you can remotely pop him a treat right out of the canister! How cool is that?!

It also comes with a free Smart Dog Alerts Trial so you can know exactly what your dog is doing. Furbo uses Dog Recognition Technology to send you Dog Activity Alerts, Person Alerts and even a Dog Selfie Alert (and we couldn’t imagine life without it, right?)

Set up is super easy. Plug it in to an outlet, download the Furbo app and connect to wifi and you are ready to rock and roll!

Let’s check out what people are saying about the Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing, Full HD WiFi and 2 Way Audio Camera:

  • Great tool to stay connected with your pet when you have to be deployed overseas and cannot be with your pet. The next best thing to being there
  • Customer service is beyond amazing!
  • Super easy to set up and if you have problems, customer service is there to help every step of the way.
  • Great training tool, helped me with some bad habits I didn’t know he had while I was away from home.
  • It comes with a great training video to help you train your pup while you are out of the home
  • Having a new puppy who gets lonely at home all day is very reassuring to be able to soothe your pet just by talking to him using the 2 way audio feature.
  • Had problems setting up the app on my phone but the Furbo customer service was amazing and helped me when my phone provider could not.

You can get the Furbo Dog Camera with Treat Tossing, Full HD WiFi 2 Way Audio from our friends at Amazon. You can click on this link and I’ll get credit for referring you!

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8 thoughts on “Furbo Dog Camera Treat Dispenser”

  • Oh Wow, great product, dog food dispenser, I didn’t even knew that it is existed. I will recommend it and forward this article to all my friends ho have dogs. Really amazing and superb product.

    • It so is a great product! So many of my family members have these for their dogs, and we all work during the day so it’s a great way to stay connected to your pup. Thanks for the recommendation and I hope you come back to visit us again very soon!

  • Very informative article. I didn’t know that such tool exist in this world. I really love this tool as my dog can’t really behave well when I’m not in home. Thanks for the info.

    • Yes, and I was reading some reviews that even cats can respond to it when trained properly. Necessity is the mother of invention, and this is definitely proof of that. Thanks for stopping by and come see us again real soon!

  • When I fist started reading your informative review with regards to the Furbo Dog Camera , I thought it was simply just a camera, then found out it dished-out treats – what a great idea. What really places the icing on the cake however regards the intercom service allowing you to talk to your dog. Okay, they will be initially puzzled how on earth you’re watching them whilst out of sight but once they’re spoken to whilst being mischievous, they will soon start to behave due to this secret eye. I like the sound of this triple service, great invention.
    Thanks, Simon.

    • Isn’t it a great idea?! I love the fact that I can pop open the app and see what my dogs are up to. My little one loves to pull the toilet paper off the roll and run with it, leaving me a heap of paper on the bathroom floor 🙁 Now I can see what she is doing and scold her when I’m at work. She seems perplexed but it stops the bad behavior. Great invention and thanks for the comments!

  • How cool is this product! I don’t trust our dog to behave herself when left in the house when we go out. We’re home the majority of the time and tend to only go out for short periods of time so she is crated. However, I would like to be able to trust her to behave herself and NOT eat the cat food, the kitty litter, or destroy the rubbish bin. This might be the solution to those issues. Thank you for introducing me to this product!

    • Right?! This is one of the coolest gadgets out there for dogs. I wish I had this when my dogs were puppies, what a comfort for them to hear their mama’s voice during the day when they are home alone. Are you from Europe? I’m from Hawaii and we say “rubbish” — the only other people I’ve ever heard say that are from the UK. I love the internet, connecting people from all over the world. Thanks for commenting. Cheers!!

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