Costumes for Dogs

For as long as I can remember, I loved playing dress up. I loved reaching into my mother’s closet to pull out sequined dresses, lavish silk scarves, and shiny high-heeled shoes upon which I was to balance very gingerly so as not to topple over in my fabric-laden garb and accidentally soil or damage my mother’s coveted evening wear which she so carefully kept hidden in garment bags only to be tucked away into the dark recesses of her closet.

This obsession is one of the reasons I love finding costumes for my dogs. Luckily for me, there is a huge demand for costumes for dogs as there are millions of other dog owners just like me who think it’s the most adorable thing to parade their pets around to look like mini humans. Hats, sunglasses, dresses, 3 piece suits, santa outfits, pea pods, Easter Bunnies, jockies, pumpkins…I’ve had them all. I even have an ice cream sundae costume in my closet for the rare occasion wherein I might need to sneak my dog into an ice cream social where pets are not allowed. In-cog-NEATO! Boom. There, I said it.

Here are some of the top Halloween costumes for dogs in 2017

  1. Squirrel. Because it’s not enough that your dog loves to chase them. Now he has to be one
  2. Cheerleader. Your pooch is not complete until he has his pom poms affixed to his front paws
  3. Goat. Why on earth would you humiliate him like that? Oh, the walk of shame…
  4. Spider. Really? 4 legs are not sufficient?
  5. Garden Gnome. I’d like to see one lift his leg on your rose bush
  6. Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can’t even see how that’s possible
  7. Clown. Now this is something I can get behind. Eat my new Kate Spade handbag? This is what you get
  8. Unicorn. It’s magical
  9. Lion. Don’t they have barbers in China who will do this to your dog?
  10. Mummy. Really? You couldn’t spring for a real costume so you had to bust out your gauze and wrap your pooch like last Spring’s sprained ankle?

So there you have it. Costumes for dogs helps us to carry out our hopes and dreams, fulfill some kind of twisted fantasy, or show the world how truly ridiculous our love is for our pets!



2 thoughts on “Costumes for Dogs”

  • Not a dog person, but I loved this! I love the picture of all the puppies. The detailed instructions on how to train your dog and know that your dog is trained absolutely incredible. I’m never been one for costumes for animals but if you love them I guess you do this kind of stuff. Your top 10 a gives wonderful ideas for a dog owner in the dressing department. I live in a community where they dress up their dogs and ride them around in baby carriages. It will be good to know something about where you can take them and they can eat with you

    • Hey Sylvia! I approved your comment but forgot to respond. Thanks so much for visiting us! Yes I have to admit I love dressing up my dogs. My fatty boy dachshund loves getting dressed up but my little chihuahua only tolerates it. haha. My daughter doesn’t like me dressing up the dogs, it makes me a crazy mom. lol
      I don’t know about taking your dogs to a place where they can eat with you. Only thing I would suggest is a picnic, but those can have many distractions. It must be quite a sight to see people pushing their dogs around in carriages, all dressed up. So cute! Thanks again for the comments and please come back to visit soon!

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