Premium Dog Beds

Premium Dog Beds

I love Sleeping Dogs!

I have to admit. I love watching my dogs sleep. I mean really, that’s when they are at their all time cutest, when they are all sleepy and cuddly and have their eyeballs rolled back into their heads. You know they are dreaming about running and jumping and eating. Because let’s face it–all they do is run, jump, lick, eat, poop/pee and sleep. Oh, the dog’s life! If only it were that simple.

Premium Dog Beds

Since we love our dogs so much and love watching them sleep, a premium dog bed would be a great investment for your furry little pup. Let’s talk about the benefits of a premium dog bed:

  • Just like humans, a dog’s spinal health is very important to his being active as well as his longevity. A premium dog bed would provide the support he needs to have proper spinal alignment, comfort for his hips, shoulders and support for his head and neck.
  • Restful sleep. Although your dog may spend the majority of his day sleeping, it is to your benefit that he has a restful sleep at night so he doesn’t wake you to take him out to do his business in the middle of your REM sleep cycle.
  • The cuteness factor. We love watching our dogs sleep. It brings us peace and tranquility knowing that he is in a deep sleep and cannot get in trouble as long as he is drunk with melatonin. (and you know you love that drunken look he gives you when woken up in the middle of his sleepy time)
  • Insulation. Sleeping on a cold floor is not only uncomfortable, but the cold can aggravate any kind of arthritic condition your pup may have.
  • Privacy and security. Out in the wild, dogs are at their most vulnerable when they have to lay down to rest. Predators can invade their nest and harm the pack, so naturally dogs need to feel secure and that they have a place of their own where they can rest and feel safe.
  • Injury prevention. Especially for smaller and older dogs, if he sleeps with you on your bed and has to jump down, it could cause injury to his legs, hips and neck. Having a comfortable bed for him on the floor will help avoid any unnecessary injuries.

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion ie: Review time…

I’d like to offer some suggestions to get you started on your quest to find a comfy sleepy time cradle for your bundle of furry loviness

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed – 4 PAWS Rating!

Product Description:

The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed was designed for larger dogs and is available in Large, XL, and Giant XXL dog bed sizes. While it is a terrific bed for big dogs, it may be too firm for smaller dogs due to their size and weight. It comes with a 10 year warranty and states that the foam will retain 90% of it original shape, which is another indicator that it may not be suitable or comfortable enough for small dogs. It won’t flatten or lose its shape in any way or they guarantee your money back. It is made in the USA, very easy to clean and the microfiber cover is machine washable, soft to the touch and super comfy for your large pet.

Positive Comments:

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Very comfortable, even my husband loves sleeping on it
  • My dog is very picky and even he will sleep on it
  • I bought it because of all of the positive feedback
  • It aids in my dog’s recovery from surgery
  • My older dog can’t make it up the stairs, now he has a comfy bed to sleep on
  • The removable cover is super comfy
  • You can also get replacement covers for this bed

Negative Comments:

  • While the bed was everything it said it would be and long enough for my dog, it wasn’t wide enough. Need to pay attention to the measurements in the description

Where to buy


FurHaven Faux Sheepskin Snuggery Hideaway Bed – 4 PAWS Rating!

Product Description:

The FurHaven Faux Sheepskin Snuggery Hideaway Bed is perfect for your little love bug that likes to snuggle or curl up at bed time. The top part of the bed functions as a soft, shapable blanket while the soft hood feature can be used with or without the flexible plastic hoop to best suit your dog’s sleep style and habits.

The beds are fully lined in faux sheepskin and makes for a comfortable and warm place for your dog to rest for the night. The mattress is made of orthopedic foam and will be perfect to support your dog’s posture and joint health.

It comes with a removable, zippered cover for easy washing and care.

Positive Comments:

Most comments we found were very positive!

  • The bed is great, my dog loves it although the hood is kind of flimsy he loves burrowing down under it. Super comfy. The fur inside is nice for my dog.
  • Most reviews say that their dog loves the bed, especially if they are a burrower and love to hide under the covers. Lots of snuggle room!
  • Good solution to your dog sleeping under the covers in your bed.
  • You can get a replacement cover directly from Furhaven website if your dog loves it so much that he destroys the covers.


Negative Comments:

  • One reviewer mentioned the cushion wasn’t very thick or sturdy and that the fabric was “cheap” but this was the only comment we found that said this.  Perhaps an anomaly

Where to buy:


Amazon Basics Dog Bed – 3 PAWS Rating!

 Product Description:

  • Round pet bed offers a safe, cozy place for a cat or small dog to snooze
  • Plush flannel top surface for supreme softness; polyester canvas sides and bottom for strength
  • Curved, slightly raised edge for added structure and a pillow-like surface
  • Machine wash separately in cool water with mild detergent; line dry only; dry completely before use; reshape if needed
  • Measures 20 by 20 by 6 inches; weighs 1.1 pounds; backed by an AmazonBasics one-year limited warranty

Positive Comments:

  • The bed is really nicely made with medium brown canvas on the outside and fleece on the top and insides, over very cushy stuffing.
  • The sides are well-padded and my dog seems to love it.
  • So soft that I want it for myself
  • Well constructed and plush

Negative Comments:

  • Nice bed when it arrived. However, it said it was machine washable but didn’t hold up with regular washing.

Where to buy:


Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed w/Removable Cover – 4 PAWS Rating

Product Description:

This designer dog bed features two-tone color-blocking shell and comfy shape to provide the perfect spot for relaxation. The circular rectangle shape, moderate-high wall and soft but durable shell make this awesome cuddler a superb, cozy and warm spot for your loved pooches. This bed is made of canvas and a linen-like fabric. This soft and snuggly bed has a low front profile which makes it easy for senior dogs to climb into. The cover unzips so pet owners can machine wash the cover with ease, which really matters for the most active member of your family.

Positive Comments:

  • Beautifully made, we love that the cover is removable and washable. Very high quality
  • I love it and so does my dog
  • Love the bed, love the quality (many reviews spoke about the high quality materials and craftsmanship)
  • Good mix of flexibility and structure
  • Well packaged and doesn’t feel cheap at all
  • Will buy more for our other dogs

Negative Comments:

  • Description gives you the overall size of the bed, not the actual sleeping area. Be sure to order the right size
  • Disappointed that I had to put it together
  • Chew resistant only applies to the pillow. Dogs can chew into the bed if so inclined. Bed is not as heavy duty as the description implies

Additional Comments:

A popular negative comment was that the bed and pillow are not actually chew resistant as the description states. IMHO if you have a dog that chews, he will chew through anything unless it’s made of steel. And who wants a bed made of steel? So ridiculous. It seems more like a behavior problem and I’ll be writing about that in another post.

Where to buy:


In conclusion:

It was very enjoyable writing on the subject of dog beds. All in all I think these were a few of the popular beds i found online and I actually did make a verified purchase. I got one of the burrowing beds for my Pebbles. Every night she won’t go to sleep unless she burrows under the covers and sleeps between my legs. Honestly, I’d love to have my bed back although it is lovely sleeping with the pups at night. They just tend to take up a lot of room and steal the covers!




12 thoughts on “Premium Dog Beds”

  • Love this site. Particularly like the ‘paw’ ratings. 🙂 Very helpful. So many different beds to choose from. Whilst your Amazon basic bed is rated 3 paws, we have one of those and I can rate them very highly. We have a Jack Russel dog and he’s on it most of the day – it’s almost a comfort blanket for him! But I also like the look of the Furhaven bed. Will have a look at that.
    Thanks for the great review. Very helpful.

    • Thank you Sean! I came up with the paw ratings based on my research, but I’m glad you like your Amazon bed. I bought one of the burrowing beds for my little one but she didn’t take to it, my other dog did. haha. I guess you never know what they will like. If only they could speak….
      Thanks for your comment!

    • Thanks for the kind words! We love a good night’s sleep so our pets deserve the same. Especially when they get old and it becomes more difficult to get a good night’s rest. Thanks again and visit us again real soon!

    • Haha Thanks for the comment about my PAWS rating. I made that up myself because I like a visual – like a thumbs up or down. Thanks for visiting us and come back again soon!

  • I love to watch my dogs sleep too!
    I have two very unique dogs. One loves to bury and things super soft. She will always has to have a blanket on her bed to bury herself in. The furhaven looks like it may be a good option for her. Will that have a the cocooning effect she does with her blanket?
    The other dog I can not seem to find a bed he enjoys at all. He seems to prefer cool surface to lay on. He often lays on the tile kitchen floor vs a bed or even carpet. Can you recommend a bed that may have a cooling property that may appeal to him? The blueberry bed looks nylon does it have a cool touch?

    Thank you for the review. I look forward to your response,

    • Hey Christina! The Furhaven has a hood on it and it comes with a plastic hoop to help keep it open. I’m not sure about it creating a cocoon but it looks like it will cover your pup like having a blanket on her head.
      As for the cool bed, I did some research and didn’t like what I found. There are some beds that are “auto cooling” but they contain toxic chemicals that could harm your dog. I think the best thing is to let him sleep on a bed with sheets only. Cotton sheets tend to be cooler than the popular “microfiber” sheets that are all the rage. Good luck finding a solution for your pups! And thanks for commenting!

  • Thank you for the reviews. I am looking for a dog bed that fits into a dog crate, i need it to be easy to clean and durable, my dog is a pup and likes to chew.

    The Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed you reviewed looks ideal.

    • I know, right? The Blueberry Pet bed looks amazing! Remember though, there were some comments about it not being totally chew proof. You just have to wear your dog out before bed so she doesn’t get bored and want to chew on the bed. lol
      My dog loves to burrow and dig her way under my covers, so the idea that I can get her own bed with that built in seemed ideal. I just ordered it and can’t wait until it gets here. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your bed!

  • I loooove when dogs are sleeping as well!! Thank you so much for this timely review as I am currently trying to find a new bed for my little ones! i absolutely love that all the recommendations have the little bolster on the bed as my dogs love those, will definitely have a look at these now!

    • Thanks for the lovely comment! I’m glad I could be of help and give you some tips on the right kind of bed to get for your pet. I just ordered the burrow bed for my little one and will update my blog when I get it. Good luck and thanks for visiting!

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