The Best Harness for Small Dogs

As a small dog owner, I’m always looking for the best harness for my small dogs. My Chihuahua Pebbles has a small neck but her chest is comparatively large (or the girth as it’s called when measuring) So we usually have a hard time finding something that will fit her neck as well as her chest. Read with us as we show you the most popular features to look for when choosing the best harness for your small dog.

What to look for when choosing a harness

Knowing what to look for when choosing a harness is very important, especially if you are making your purchase online or if you don’t have your dog with you at the store. The worst thing is to buy your harness and take it home to try on and it doesn’t fit right, is difficult to put on, or even worse when your dog is so uncomfortable with his new harness that he runs away every time he sees you getting ready to put it on!

Let’s take a look at some of these important factors.

Dog Harness Size chart

The size chart is very important because one companies’ sizing is not going to be the same as another. To get the proper size, you’ll need a flexible measuring tape and a cooperative dog. Lol. You won’t want to use the kind of measuring tape a carpenter or plumber might use as those retractable metal tapes will not be as accurate and your dog may be uncomfortable and be uncooperative when trying to measure. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, use a string or ribbon to measure then use a ruler to see what the length is.

Usually you’ll want to measure the neck and the girth of the dog’s chest. Measuring at the nape of the neck is good practice, because that is where the harness will more than likely sit when you put the harness on. Then you should measure the chest at the widest point. There’s nothing more irritating than when the harness is too tight or too loose. Too tight and your dog will be uncomfortable and it will more than likely hamper his breathing. Too loose and you won’t be able to control the dog during your walks as the harness could move around and not do its job properly.

Using these two measurements you should be able to determine the size from the size chart. Of course, this is not an exact science so be prepared to test out your new harness but also to have to exchange it for another size if you or your dog are not comfortable. See our section on returning or exchanging your harness.

Breathable Fabric

Ahhh! There’s nothing that feels nicer than breathable fabric against your skin on a brisk walk! At least that’s what my dog would say if she could talk. When choosing the right harness for your dog, the fabric composition should be taken into consideration depending on your personal preferences. In reading the reviews of several different harnesses, one of the most common positive comments was about how breathable the fabric was. Its wearability, comfort, ease in washing and easy to care for were all important features in the selection of the harness. The benefits of a comfortable product are many. The dog will be comfortable wearing it, the owner will have an easier time taking his dog out for a walk, and he will have no problems washing the harness should it need washing or additional care.

Easy to Put On                                                                          

So you grab the leash, your fur baby sees what’s about to happen and gets super excited about going outside for his daily walk! He is jumping and squirming with delight in eagerness for this highly anticipated adventure. While he’s jumping and wiggling and wagging his tail you fumble with the new harness because it has multiple straps and buckles and you can’t figure out which way his head should go in and he’s stepping into the wrong hole so you have to take it off and start all over again and you get it on but don’t know which buckle plugs in to where and don’t forget the loop should go on top so you can clip the leash onto it…Argh! Disaster before you even get out the door!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a harness that is super simple to put on, you know which way is up and how to buckle him in? In two shakes your harness is on, your leash is secure and you are on your merry way for your afternoon walk! A harness that is easy to put on is an integral part of a joyful walk with your pooch!

Soft and Comfortable

A soft and comfortable harness is another very common comment in all of the reviews I’ve read. Why this is important is that your dog needs to be comfortable while he goes on his walk. Have you ever worn an article of clothing that was so uncomfortable that you couldn’t concentrate? Like a bra that is so tight that the straps cut into your shoulders or a pair of pants whose waistband is so loose that you have to constantly pull it up. That’s how your dog feels when his harness is not comfortable. On the contrary, have you ever worn something that was so comfortable it was like not wearing it at all? If your dog’s harness is soft and comfortable, he can concentrate on more important things like all of the different smells he could smell, or barking at the dog behind the fence, or getting a nice pat on the head from the neighbor lady that brings him snacks, or doing his daily business because quite frankly you can’t go back home until he does it!

A soft and comfortable harness means an enjoyable walk and a very happy puppy!

Returning or Exchanging Your Harness

All things being equal in a perfect world, every purchase you make is exactly to your specifications and meets your expectations leaving you the happiest customer on the planet! However, let’s come back to earth and talk about returns and exchanges.

Because all dogs are not the same size and shape, let’s get real. Your harness may not fit perfectly the first time. That being said, you should always check out the returns and exchange policies for your dog harness purchase. Customer reviews are a pretty good gauge of how well the company responds to customer complaints and problems with their products. I’ve found that the Comfort Fit Harness from Metric USA has some very good reviews and remarks about exchanges and returns.

Responding quickly to a complaint or request is very important. In today’s world of online ordering, anonymity and transparency, an immediate response to a request is key, and demonstrates the company’s dedication to the satisfaction of its customers. If you want to try out the product but are unsure of the materials or sizing, be sure to read the return and exchange policy of the company

To Sum it Up

We’ve talked about the features and benefits of dog harnesses and how to select the best one for your pet. We hope our tips have been insightful in helping you select the right harness for you and your furry friend!




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